Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Well hello everyone both family and friends!!

I honestly cant believe that we are now in July and that this first week is now over, crazy huh?! Well this week was actually a really tough week for all of here in Santa Ana. We lost a lot of time with meetings this week but I think that we did what could this week with the time that we had. We had a hard time finding people and getting people to keep listening to us, but we are getting things fixed. Yesterday at church we didnt have anyone in church and for members we only had just over 25 people there. I really dont understand anything about this, because yesterday morning wasnt cold at all, but oh weel. But things are going good for us here in Salta. Our members are alright and are starting to help a little bit more but its still like pulling out teeth with a couple with them. But that was about that for us here during the week.

Well as for us we are doing good. This week we had a few meetings with the new president. On wendsday we had interviews and on thursday we had zone confrence with the other zone in Salta. The interviews were good and it was very interesting. He doesnt know too much english so the interviews were in spanish, it wasnt bad though. And then on thursday we had the confrence and it went really well. We talked about on how we can get things better in our mission. Afterwords we met some of his family. He has five kids all under the age of 15, so pretty young. His wife is nice and likes to be involved. They both know about my knee and it was the first thing that they asked me when they talked to me. So Im glad that Im being taken care of. But with both of these meeting we had really short time to work. Talking about my knee its going ok and everyonce and while it gives me problems. But with this warmer weather its not too bad but it gets super tired. Today was a really good p-day. We climbed the hill that is close by here. Its actually a huge turist atraction, so we saw a ton of people speaking english, super weird. But it was a good hike and I took some cool pics. When we got on top you could see all of Salta and there was some cool water falls on top. But thats about it for things that are going on.

Sounds like you guys are doing good up there. Sounds like we are almost in the same temps, it doesnt even feel like winter anymore. Good luck dad with all that you have and with everything else. Mom have fun with you classes. I love you all and Im so gratefull for all that you do for me. Keep up the good work.

Les Amo,

Elder Jarret Wade

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