Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Well hello and wow anouther week in the books here in Salta.

Honestly things havent been normal at all this week and it was really weird. This last week was a really tough week and we worked harder than ever to get stuff done, but we did. We taught a lot of people and we found quite a bit of people and some even accepted baptismal dates,yay!!! But sadly none of them came to church yesterday, "too cold." But it was a good week and quite rewarding if I say so myself. We are still working with some families that we found a couple weeks ago. We have a couple that are moving towards baptism but very slowly,but I guess everything has its time in the mission. But thats about it for this last week.

Well with the mission changing, there have also been some changes between elder Grzelak and I... emergency transfers. Well apparenty there were some nessary changes and my comp and I were effected by them. I am now with Elder Stevenson from California, Riverside. They told us this morning about the transfers and they told Grzelak that he had to pack everything and leave today as soon as possible. So this moring was super crazy and full of crazy stuff. But we are going to see what happens the rest of this transfer. Im going to miss Grzelak, him and I got a long amazingly and we were doing stuff that hasnt been done here in Santa Ana in almost a year, so he is going to be missed. We had our first district meeting only as a district and we also celebrated Elder Ward´s birthday, and elder Luthi made the cake, chocolate with dulce de leche in between and a banana cake on top with frosting, super goood! But things are going good just crazy with all the changes and everything. The ward is doing good and we are planning to do an activity in the coming month, because honestly the ward needs it, unity. Oh ya today we ordered a pizza and they said that it would come in fourty minutes and it ended up coming about an hour and a half later, I was frustrated. But thats about it for us here in Santa Ana.

Sounds like you guys have your hands full with everything. I love you guys and I wish the best for you all. Jake push yourself hard this last week, dont get senioritis. Jayson take care of your arm. Good luck with everything and I cant believe that this week I hit 18 months, crazy!!!

Les amo y suerte con todo,

Elder Jarret Wade

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