Monday, June 6, 2011

Es Junio!! Where did the time go!!!‏

Well hello and greetings my friends and family from the good old Argentina!

Hello everyone and wow its June. I cant believe that we are now into June and that the time is just going by fast. But things are going good for us down here in Santa Ana. Well lets start with the news about the area.... things are going good, but lack a lot until its going to be strong. But things are now going into place and we are seeing a difference. We have some things going for us here in our area but its going to be awhile until we have a baptism. Today I talked with President and he said that our area is hard and that the work we are doing is great. And that we are not going to see most of the results while we are here but in the future if we leave it good this area is going to be a really strong area. So that gave me some energy to keep working and pushing along. Its tough here but its not impossible for us to complete. Yesterday we didnt have any investigator in church and very little members as well. We still have a little bit of our investigators that are progresing, but not as fast as we would want. Apparently everyone has thier own time here, so Im learning patience with everyone. But things are going good and we are starting to focus a little bit in an area that is really poor and humble, so I hope that we get some success there. The thing is sometimes is that the people dont want to change and or they are really lazy, but they are good people.

And now for some news on us. We are doing good and my comp and I continue to get along and we learn more from each other each day. Elder Stevenson is a good kid and has tons of energy to do stuff. Im still trying to be an example to him and show him how things are done. Im starting to give him a bit more control with stuff, just to make him feel comfortable and willing to work. And as for me things are going good here. These week has just been crazy with a ton of stuff going on. We are still planning the activity and we got lucky because there are two holidays that we can choose from to do the activity. But the hard part is planning on what we are going to do. But we have several ideas that we are thinking about. This week I did divisions with Elder Luthi and we got quite a bit of stuff done, but in his area. My knee has been giving me some problems this week. I dont know if its because the change in the weather but it has been bugging me. But its not too bad to keep me from working. The weather here has been nice and seems a lot like fall. But things are going good and should be getting better. I honestly cant believe that its now June and that May is now over. Time just seems to be going fast here and its going faster. We have transfers this comming week but I dont believe that we will change. But thats about it for us here in Santa Ana.

Sounds like you guys are doing good and are enjoying your nice summer weather, lucky. Good luck with everything. And tell uncle dan that I will be praying for him. I love you guys and I wish the best of luck for all of you!!

Les amo,

Elder Jarret Wade

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