Tuesday, October 25, 2011

October 17th

Well hello everyone and greetings from good old Argentina!

Well this week was a good one and we had many things going for us. It was a full week of running around and trying to find and teach our investigators. We taught quite a few and they were all really good lessons. There are quite a few things going for us down here. We planned on having a baptism last saturday but we didnt have it because she ended up going to Salta at the last minute. So we have around 3-4 planned this week. Our investigators are doing good and we are helping them slowly but at least we are helping them. We should have one getting married this week so that she can get baptised this weekend. For the marriges down here you have so much paperwork to do and a lot of running around. But we should be getting them married this week. Yesterday we only had one in church, almost tw but he came late. But the one that came to church should be getting baptised this week as well. So as you can tell things are going good.

We you might be wondering what happend to us in the transfer. Sadly to say that my comp Elder Lessing got transferd to Tucuman. It was tough when we recieved the call saying that he was leaving. We both wanted to stay togeather for one more, but I guess the Lord had different thoughts over everything. So Im now with my last comp, Elder H from Chile. He seems like a good kid and has a ton of energy to work. So it should be weird because I´ll get to know him and then I leave. But its going to be fun. In our appartment we are two gringos, Elder A, from South Jordan, and me. And then two chilenos, my comp and elder R. Im happy because I will be able to work on my spanish some more before I come home. Im doing good and I keep pushing along here. Today my knee has been bugging me and I dont know why, but I´ll push through it. Last Saturday we had a confrence with Elder Aidukaitis of the seventy and it was really good. He is from Brazil but speaks spanish and english really well. He talked a lot on how us missionaries can become better and teach and baptise all the people that the lord has planned for us. I liked it and I learned a lot; which Im going to apply these last months. But things are going good and shall be getting better. Our neighbor´s dog still hasnt had her pups but they should come in the next coming weeks. Im excited for everything that is happening and thinigs are going good.

Sounds like you guys are doing good and your enjoying your summer almost winter weather. We just seem to be getting hotter and hotter. I love reading your letters and seeing the pics of everything. Thanks for everything that you do for me.

Les Amo,

Elder Jarret Wade

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