Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hola y wow almost Halloween!‏

Well hello everyone and greetings from down south.

Well things are going good and they are progressing. This last week was very interesting like all first weeks of the transfer, but it was a good one. We worked hard and we found and tought quite a bit of people this last week. We found fourteen new investigators and they seem to be pretty good, we´ll see what happens in the coming weeks. We ended up teaching 34 lessons all week not including less actives. So it was really good and I loved it. Well we finally had our baptism this week and I was thrilled to finally have one. It was really good and you could feel the spirit really strong. Her name is Lidia R and she got baptised on Friday and confirmed on Sunday. Yesterday we only had one investigator in church. But things are going good and they seem to be getting better everyday.

For us down here the things are going good. My comp is a really hard worker and we get along alright. Its weird being with a latino after so long with gringos. But he is a good kid. He is the only member of his family and the youngest. So he is a big example of why he is out here. For me things are going good and they seem to getting better but faster everytime. This week we worked a ton and things went well. We worked hard everyday this week, that when we got to the pension we were wasted and super tired. It was a really good feeling to feel that way. I know that we are here doing the Lord´s work and He wants our all from us. The weather this week has been pretty crazy, first hot and then it gets cold and rains a little bit. Its really starting to bug me a little. With all this change in the weather I think that Im starting to come down with a little something. But I will push through it. This week we are looking at a couple more baptisms and I super happy for that. First we have to get some married and they have thier date for this Friday. Here you have to have witnesses and they choose me to be one of the witnesses. So Im getting ready for that. On Sunday we had a visit from a member of the seventy Elder Spitale, from Cordoba. It was really good and he talked about the goals that the area has for us down here. One of them is that there are more full time missionaries serving in Argentina from Argentina. It was good and he quoted Pres. Monson from two confrences ago saying that it is a commandment for us to leave on the mission. He also stated that we shouldnt have to think or pray if we should go or now. Its a command from God to leave. I was really good and I loved it. So thats the news that we have down here.

Sounds like you guys are doing good and loving life. I loved the pics and thats quite a bit of pumpkins that your have there Brian! I love you guys and I wish you a happy Halloween!!!

P.S- Halloween really doesnt exsite? down here, but I´ll eat a lot candy anyways!

Les amo,

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